Preparing For Economic Collapse

Is it really that bad?

moneyThe simple answer is no, not really. However, the complicated answer is just that: complicated. We have a virtual currency that is becoming more popular (and possibly more valuable) than real currency, and a virtual currency that started out as a joke is also become more valuable and popular. We have had stock market collapses in recent history that severely damaged economies across the world. What happens when we run out of resources to continue?

The United States shut down its own government for nearly two weeks because of a failure to agree on a budget to continue. The government in the United States has come close to that point several times in recent years and they continue to argue about spending and threatening to stall the government again. What happens if one of the world’s largest economies stalls and the government is shut down with no agreement to re-open? I believe a large scale economic collapse will happen. So, this article is all about preparing yourself to survive in the event that this happens.

Prepare to not use gas for anything.

The most common thing people think about when not using fuel is their cars, motorcycles, and heat (for both warmth and cooking). However, there are other things that use gas, including lawnmowers, weedeaters, and chainsaws. While these may not be things that you absolutely have to do (I’d be more worried about the heat, especially in the winter, than anything), there are ways that you can still cook without gas, even if all you have is a gas stove. There’s also a survival chainsaw (pictured) out there that lets you trim your trees when you need to.

A charcoal grill is the first thing that comes to mind when cooking without gas. You’ll have to deal with charcoal fumes and chemicals; however, it’s better than starving. You can also build an outdoor fire pit (or you can buy a portable one!) and use wood as the fuel instead of charcoal. Either way, you’ll still be able to cook food and the fire pit can be used to keep warm outside in the cooler weather while you’re cooking your food.

Get A Survival Vest:

A survival vest will help you out if you have to make a long trip to find shelter. You’ll be able to store several of your survival supplies in the multiple pockets that survival vest offers. These easy access pockets allow you to have easy access to everything that you need to survive a long hike in inclement weather and environmental conditions.

Most people think of bullet-proof vests when they hear survival vests; however, these vests usually are not designed to offer protection against bullets or other projectiles. They are designed to help you survive inclement weather conditions and let you carry and access multiple survival tools. You won’t have to worry about digging through a packed backpack to access your survival stuff with a survival vest.

Protect Yourself:

This last item is only to be used in last minute situations where there is a definite possibility of a chemical or biological attack (it’s actually only really going to be useful in a chemical attack where the chemicals are deadly if inhaled). It’s a gas mask that has never been used before. I wouldn’t trust it as a replacement for a military issued gas mask, and besides if you’re in the military, there are probably regulations that prevent you from using supplies like these that were not issued by the military themselves.


While the world may not being ending today or tomorrow, these survival tools may help you out in an emergency situation. All of them may be able to save your life one day, whether by preventing you from freezing to death or by preventing you from starving to death or dying by dehydration. If you have any other suggestions, feel free to leave them in the guestbook below.

Stay Comfy:

If you’re stuck outside and you’d rather not sleep on the ground with those thermal blankets you saw earlier, then I’ve found a relatively useful option for you. The convenient hammock ties around two sturdy sources and provides a relatively comfortable sleeping or resting place. You won’t have to worry about it falling down either because it has extra reinforcements built-in to all of the stress points along the hammock.

The best part about this is that it’s not your usual hammock. The zip up enclosure allows you to rest in the shade no matter where you’re at. However, the enclosure also has a second purpose as well. It will keep all those pesky pests from bothering you so you won’t be suffering from annoying bug bites just because you had to sleep outside.

Stay Useful:

I know I already mentioned being able to start a fire with wood or charcoal; however, there may be one problem to this. What happens if it was a natural disaster that caused your emergency situation? A flood or storm may have came through and damaged your house including ruining your matches and lighters. What do you do then?

One of the most useful tools that I’ve found is a cool survival knife that has 5 tools in 1, including a magnesium fire-starting tool included in it. It has a LED flashlight as well as an extremely sharp knife. It features a belt cutter that’s great for cutting hard to remove fabric. The final tool that it contains is one of the best glass and window breaking tools that I’ve seen. If you need to get someone out of a vehicle quick, this tool could be the difference maker here.

Filter Your Water:

Residents of Charleston, West Virginia recently found out how easy it is for their water supply to be contaminated. After a chemical leaked from a coal treatment plant into a major river that provided water for the capital of the state as well as surrounding cities and counties, bottled water was in short supply and the state had to develop a regulation preventing suppliers and stores from artificially inflating the prices of bottled water in order to make more of a profit.

This whole situation left West Virginians as well as citizens around the world worried about their tap water supply and what was actually in it. There’s actually new and more convenient ways to filter your water, especially in events like the one that occurred in West Virginia. One of the most convenient pieces of survival gear that I’ve found is the filter straw that automatically filters contaminants out of water as its sipped through the straw. I wouldn’t necessarily test the device by sipping toilet water, but it’s pretty effective with tap water.

Stay Warm:

During Storm Sandy, my electric was out for nearly a week. People that heated with gas were good; however, my house heats by electric alone and at the time I had no generator. It got pretty cold in our house considering we were stuck in one of the worst blizzards in my state’s recent history. I recently found some emergency survival blankets that I decided we needed in case another blizzard hit like Sandy.

The best part about these survival blankets is that they can be used if you’re stuck outside as well. I would make these a must have accessory for your next camping or hiking trip. The design of these blankets won’t make you the most fashionable person; however, you will be the warmest. The blankets retain 90% of your body heat and then also reflect the heat back at you for dual heating acting. You stay warm as well as get warmer inside the blankets.

Be Prepared:

One of the best ways to be prepared is to basically think about everything that can happen, not when it will happen. If you’re prepared for a disaster, it means that you will suffer less than you would if you were unprepared. The Rothco Deluxe Adventurer Survival Kit is a multi-use survival kit built into an extremely useful knife.

The knife features a hollow handle where the rest of your survival kit is stored. You can even add items to the survival kit if you want because of the way this knife is designed. It includes fishing line, hooks, and sinkers so you’ll be able to catch food to eat if your food resources run out. It also features a small harpoon, a small finger-tip saw, a pencil, signal mirror, and bandages. This is a definite must have for your survival kit.

Stay Connected:

There are a ton of emergency radios on the market; however, the best ones to look at are the ones that are hand-crank powered, instead of battery operated. You’ll also want to try and find one that features radio stations as well as the ability to communicate with the outside world. A two-way emergency radio is the best option. You’ll be able to listen to local (and sometimes non-local) radio stations as well as communicate with the outside world.

Why would you need to communicate with others, you ask? If you’re in an emergency situation and phone services are down, then you’ll need a way to communicate with emergency services as well as other people so they know where you are and what situation you are in. This will help emergency services know how many people are with you, your survival conditions, and what priority of help you need.

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